Legend Of Lady Blue DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Legend Of Lady Blue’ On Re-Mastered High Quality DVD From Gamelink
Legend Of Lady Blue DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCX
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Legend of Lady Blue - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Made in 1978 during the Golden Age of Movie Porn, Legend Of Lady Blue is about childhood sweethearts. Casey leaves home to join the Marines along with their friend, Shelby. Iris leaves for Hollywood to chase her dream. She breaks her engagement to Casey and hooks up with a Hollywood agent - Gloria Diamond. Years later, Casey and Iris meet by chance. Their lives have changed drastically, and not for the best! Legend Of Lady Blue is guaranteed 5 Star volcanic sex action from a top notch cast!
Starring: Gloria Leonard, John Smith, Obe-Wahn, Phaedra Grant , Maureen Spring
Director: Antonio Fabritzi
Studio: VCX
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Legend Of Lady Blue’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink

An ambitious movie from porn’s Golden Age, Legend Of Lady Blue is a truly romantic story of two lovers from a small town in South Dakota who go their separate ways. She tries to make it in Hollywood but becomes a hooker, he joins the Marines then tries to become a doctor but ends up as a cabby. There is no denying the quality of the plot, which actually keeps you interested to the end.

An early example of couples porn films and a good deal more accomplished than most of the genre, Legend Of Lady Blue collected most of the Adult Film Association of America Awards the year it was released. Credited director Antonio Fabritzi was revealed by late adult film critic Jim Holliday as really being former Hollywood character actor Jesse Pearson, best remembered for playing the pivotal Conrad Birdie character in George Sidney's popular 1963 adaptation of hit Broadway show Bye Bye Birdie.

While 1978 was a significant year for the American porn movie business, seeing the release of such enduring classics as Candy Stripers and when performers like Linda Lovelace became near-legitimate superstars, it seems remarkable in hindsight that Antonio Fabritz / Jesse Pearson selected two unknowns for the demanding lead roles in Legend Of Lady Blue.

Maureen Spring was part of the orgy action in Paul Levis' Intimate Illusions and had a small role as the sex android Sam Weston's Sex World. Handsome John Smith never made another movie. Both turn in sensitive, subtle performances as star-crossed small town lovers Iris and Casey respectively. She harbors dreams of Hollywood stardom while he plans to enlist in the Marine Corps. On his last day before shipping off, Casey tenderly takes her virginity in a truly erotic outdoor love scene.

They keep in touch through letters, but real life destroys their innocence Casey takes up residence in a Vietnam brothel for a long, spellbinding sequence with Phaedra Grant, the lady with the banana from Bob Chinn's original Candy Stripers, servicing the men in uniform. Both Casey and his hometown buddy, played by Billy Dee but billed as Obi Wahn, only have eyes for a sad local girl.

Meanwhile, Iris has fallen under the influence of a predatory lesbian Hollywood agent, performed magnificently by porn legend Gloria Leonard, former editor of High Society Magazine and star of many Golden Age porn movie classics, including The Opening Of Misty Beethoven. Gloria seduces the naive young hopeful with a master's touch in one of the most erotic lesbian encounters ever ever filmed.

Through all this sexual activity, the once devoted childhood sweethearts lose track of one another until their accidental meeting a few years later on Hollywood Boulevard as Casey, now a taxi driver, picks up a classy streetwalker who turns out to be his childhood sweetheart. Can true love survive? And will it involve plenty of hardcore sex action? Watch Legend Of Lady Blue and find out!

Like most Golden Age porn movies Legend Of Lady Blue looks and feels very much like a real mainstream film, with plenty of hardcore sex added of course. The story has a beginning, a middle and an end and actually keeps viewers interested throughout. Lighting and cinematography are every bit as professional as anything coming out of mainstream Hhollywood movie studios at the time. Dialogue is plausible, intelligent and effectively delivered by people who can act as well as perform hardcore sex acts in front of the camera. Apart from the stars already mentioned, credit must also be given to veteran porn stud John Leslie as Casey's army buddy Buzz.

If you have only ever heard of porn's Golden Age and want to check out some of the adult classics of yesteryear, there are far worse places to start than Legend Of Lady Blue.

Legend Of Lady Blue DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCX
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