Hothouse Rose Part 1 DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movies ‘Hothouse Rose 1 & 2’  Reissued On High Quality DVD From Gamelink
Hothouse Rose 1 & 2 DVDs - Classic Golden Age Porn Movies Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCA
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Hothouse Rose Part 1 - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Liz (Jeanna Fine)  is more than a fan of pornstar Hothouse Rose (Victoria Paris), she is so sexually obsessed that she stalks the bars to find eager men who will help her re-enact Hothouse Rose's wildest scenes. But that is not enough. Her sexual desires can only be quenched by having sex with Hothouse Rose herself in a climax that will leave you in complete suspense, until Hothouse Rose 2.
Starring: Jeanna Fine, Victoria Paris, Tom Byron, Nina Hartley, Marc Wallice, TT Boy, Randy West, uck Adams, KC Williams, Tom Chapman, Holly Rider, Trixie Tyler, Tiara West, Sikki Nixx
Director: Henri Pachard
Studio: VCA
Hothouse Rose Part 2 DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
FOR ONLY $24.95
Hothouse Rose Part 2 - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
In Hothouse Rose 2 Liz’s sexual obsession continues with Hothouse Rose, one of the hottest porn stars who ever lived! In this superb porn sequel, her biggest fan finally goes over the edge. In 1992 Jeanna Fine took the Best Actress Award from Adult Video News for her starring role in Hothouse Rose 1 & 2 . Watch both parts together on your own or with a lady friend, and see that porn stars like Jeanna Fine and Victoria Paris can do more than just suck and fuck.
Starring: Jeanna Fine, Victoria Paris, Tom Byron, Nina Hartley, Jon Dough, Holly Ryder, Trixie Tyler, Candace Hart, Jordan Smith
Director: Henri Pachard
Studio: VCA
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movies ‘Hothouse Rose 1 & 2’  Reissued On High Quality Re-Mastered DVD From Gamelink

For any porn fans who think Jeanna Fine is no more than an amazing cock sucker, Hothouse Rose Parts 1 & 2 will show you a different side of this adult film legend. Jeanna plays a woman who is totally obsessed with porn star Hothouse Rose, played by another porn legend Victoria Paris.

Hothouse Rose Part 1 is a very enjoyable porn movie feature with two legendary actresses starring in it, and a plot that is credible. As Liz Harris, Jeanna Fine is sensational, definitely deserving of the AVN Best Actress award she received for her performance back in 1992. She handles complex scenes, such as calling her ex-husband and blaming him for exposing her to Hothouse Rose in the first place, with ease. Victoria Paris, as the object of her sexual obsession, is equally entertaining. Her phone conversation with Fine where she answers a question about whether or not she behaves in real life like she does in her films with “Oh, yeah. I party all the time. I wake up with a cock in my pussy and go to sleep with two dicks in my ass. God, it’s time to change this phone number!” is a particular highlight.

Scene 1 - Jeanna Fine, Tom Chapman: Sitting in a living room, Jeanna and Tom proceed to do what young lovers do. Soon, she is topless with her skirt around her stomach and sucking on his dick. He thrusts in and out of her in doggy for a minute or so, but when she looks back to see him looking at the TV showing Scott Irish fucking Victoria Paris / Hothouse Rose Curves she becomes upset and storms out of the room.

Scene 2 - KC Williams, Randy West: KC answers Randy’s office phone, so she must be his secretary, and does as all secretaries in porn do. She starts losing her clothing as his hands slowly meander from her breasts to her ass. When she bends over his desk and he pulls down her white panties we see that she has one hell of a juicy ass. She kneels to blow his cock, almost deep throats a couple of times, and then moves to a standing doggy position against the desk . After a decent fuck with some quality close-ups on her face during hot moaning, he shoots off on her ass.

Scene 3 - Jeanna Fine, Tiara, TT Boy: On a big white bed, we have Tiara, a brunette with a natural C-cup, looking good in white bra and panties on TT’s right while Jeanna, in hot black  lingerie, is on his left. Tiara has recruited Jeanna to help give her boyfriend a special birthday present of a threesome. While Tiara sucks his cock, Jeanna  gives TT an eyeful of her magnificently enhanced boobs. When he orders Jeanna  to suck his dick Tiara looks pissed. But she quickly lightens up once her pussy gets licked by both TT and Jeanna. She moans lustily he pounds her in missionary. Jeanna’s then gets screwed in doggy position. TT cums on her back, and Tiara throws both of them out.

Scene 4 - Victoria Paris, Sikki Nixx: Victoria / Hothouse Rose is fighting off the advances of her boyfriend. A phone call from Jeanna fills her with a need for relief and the boyfriend is still there. So she moans and thrusts her hips upwards as Sikki uses his tongue and fingers on her pussy. Then he puts his dick in her for missionary and he fucks her harder than most guys working with Victoria Paris dared try. She loves it and her breasts look absolutely marvelous. Sikki picks her up off the couch and thrusts even harder. He pops off four or five solid streams of cum and some hit her right on the mouth. She even has to spit some out and forms a cum bubble on her lips.

Scene 5 - Jeanna Fine, Marc Wallace, Sikki Nixx: Dolled up like Hothouse Rose in a red dress with a red rose in her hair, Jeanna walks into a strip club and immediately locks on Marc and Sikki. Sikki, who has been dumped by Hothouse Rose, knows that this mystery woman is not really Rose, but Marc doesn’t care so they play along and take her to the bathroom for some fun. Jeanna sucks on Marc while Sikki nails her in kneeling doggy and they maintain the same pairings in standing doggy. Then Sikki works hard at eating her out and Marc enjoys his cock in her mouth. Switching positions Marc pokes her, with some great penetration shots. Sikki gets to finish her off in kneeling doggy. She gets his cum on her back and Marc’s juice all over her face.

It's a little silly that Hothouse Rose Parts 1 & 2 have not been issued on the same DVD, but the story is very compelling, the acting is surprisingly good, there's a lot of genuine lust between the performers, and Jeanna Fine and Victoria Paris are two of the hottest porn stars of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Hothouse Rose Part 2, which is also directed by Henri Pachard, is a sequel to the original Hothouse Rose of the year before. The storyline continues the sexual adventures of Jeanna Fine as Liz Harris, a woman obsessed over a porn star named Hothouse Rose, played by Victoria Paris. Her lust controls her, and things spiral out of control for her and those who she comes into contact with.

Scene 1 - Trixie Tyler, Buck Adams: After doing a strip tease, Trixie gives the wheelchair bound Buck a blowjob to cheer him up after she masturbates a little to get him hard. She uses her tits on his dick and sits on his face so that he can eat her out and finger her pussy before she gets on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl style. He pulls out and comes on her belly, and she lies back on him so that he can rub her tits and kiss her neck.

Scene 2 - Victoria Paris, Jon Dough: They start making out on a staircase. He sucks on her tits and moves down to eat her pussy, flicking his tongue on her clitoris and her lips and using his fingers on her at the same time. He drops his pants and she gives him a  blow job, taking her time as she sucks him off. From there she gets on all fours and he fucks her doggy style before rolling her over and fucking her in missionary position. After that he pulls out and jerks off onto her chest, finishing the scene as he carries her up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Scene 3 - Nina Hartley, Jon Dough: The mood for sex strikes in the kitchen as Jon tosses Nina onto the table so that he can munch her shaved pussy. He pulls her legs up and fucks her missionary style, and then bends her over the counter so that he can fuck her from behind. He pulls out and drops his balls into her mouth as he jerks off and gives her a facial.

Scene 4 - Jeanna Fine, Victoria Paris: Jeanna's obsession finally comes true in a hot lesbian encounter with the object of her desires! Sitting around in their underwear together, they talk about Victoria's past work until the heat gets turned up and they start deep kissing each other. Victoria throws Jeanna onto the bed and makes her touch her breasts, and then pushes her down and forces her tits into her eager mouth. They strip naked and Jeanna goes down on Victoria, eating her pussy and using her fingers and tongue on her. Victoria rolls Jeanna over, sucks on her tits, and then licks her feet and ankles before eating out her snatch and sucking her pussy lips into her mouth.

Scene 5  - Jeanna Fine, Buck Adams: Tempers flare and passions rise as they find themselves in competition for Hothouse Rose's affections. They kiss and Jeanna does a strip tease while he sits back in his wheelchair. She pulls his pants down, gets his cock out and wastes no time putting it into her mouth for some sucking and stroking. Then she sits on his face, balancing carefully to let him eat her at aperfect angle. Finally, she sits on his cock and rides him reverse cowgirl style until he pulls out and comes on her belly.

Scene 6 - Candace Heart, Tom Byron: This scene begins on the set of a porno shoot with Candace sucking Tom's cock. They then move into a sixty-nine mutual suck-off where the dirty talk starts coming on strong. She bends over on all fours so that he can fuck her from behind, doggy style. He puts her on her back and fucks her missionary style and then he pulls out and comes on her body.

The sex in Hothouse Rose Part 2 is solid. You get high quality girl girl action in addition to some great hetero sucking and fucking scenes, all performed with enough passion to be very convincing. An added bonus is Nina Hartley, Jeanna Fine, Victoria Paris and a pre boob-job Candace Heart in the same film. There is enough heat between the cast members to make Hothouse Rose Part 2 a good couples film.

Hothouse Rose 1 & 2 DVDs - Classic Golden Age Porn Movies Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCA
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