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Raven haired Shanna McCullough - born in 1960 in San Francisco - is a naturally hanging, big breasted porn actress, who  is one of the adult industry's all-time great stars.

Shanna McCullough - also billed as Shana McKay, Shanan McCullough, Shauna McCullough, Shanna McCulough, Jill Sauna, Shanna McCollough, Shanna McCollogh, Shana McCullough, Shanna McCoullach, Shanna McCullogh, Nichole Thomas and Marcia Gray - is some times called "Porn's Good Girl" for her unassuming off screen lifestyle.

Shanna McCullough grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, was involved with her school theatre group, and acted in drama and musicals. She went to college and received a degree in accounting, then worked as an electrician and veterinary technician. In her early 20's Shanna and her husband enthusiastically embraced the swinging scene. Because of her enthusiasm for sex she replied to a wanted ad for porn performers in a San Francisco newspaper.

Shanna McCullough on Masturbation and Virginity: “I had been having sex with myself since I was eleven. I can remember vividly the first time I masturbated. I was laying on the floor in my bedroom doing homework, and I used to put my legs around one of the legs of the desk chair and rub myself up and down against it, and it just felt really good. And one day I was just doing it a little faster and faster and all I knew was that it felt good And going faster and faster I had an orgasm! I had no idea what it was. But it was just great! So that was pretty just much the first time. But after that I would do it every chance I could. I would use my fingers, or a hairbrush, or a bunkbed. But not with a guy until I lost my virginity when I was sixteen and it was the best thing I thought in the world -- sex -- because I already knew how to make myself feel good. And by the time I had sex with a boy I knew how to enjoy myself, so I really wanted sex by the time I had it!”

Shanna McCullough made her porn movie debut in May 1983 in a sex scene with the actor Mike Horner. She had her first lesbian sexual experience with Hyapatia Lee.

Shanna McCullough on Pornography: “I was looking in the want ads in the San Francisco Chronicle, and I saw an ad in the Performing Arts section, and it said, ‘Adult Movies - Actresses and Actors Wanted’ and I though it might be kind of fun. I wasn't thinking of it as a career. I just thought of this as some way to make a little extra money, and I've been an actress since I was eight-years-old, and I thought having sex on film is just another way of acting! And I'd always enjoyed watching  porn movies.  I have a real high sex drive. This is when I'd go to the Pussycat Theater with my boyfriend, I'd be so hot and turned-on, I'd have sex in the car because I couldn't wait to go home. So I called the number, and it was for an agent  in the San Francisco area, and that was where most of the movies I did were shot, around San Francisco. So I tried it, and I liked it so much I kept doing it.”

Shanna McCullough’s classic good looks and fiery sexual intensity made her one of the most desirable women in porn throughout the 1980's. She loved to talk dirty to her sex partners before exhausting them with her lusty sex skills, sucking and fucking her way through more than 200 porn movies between 1982 and her partial retirement in 1989, appearing in some of the Golden Age classics of 1980's erotica. She has not completely retired from porn and still makes occasional guest appearances.

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