Shunga Rain Of Love G-Spot Stimulation Cream - Aphrodisiac For Female Sexual Pleasure

Stop just dreaming of an ultimate orgasm. Rain Of Love G-Spot Stimulation Cream comes with an illustrated Guide with tips on how to discover your G-Spot for ultimate pleasure. Pair Rain Of Love Cream with your favourite G-Spot toy for a mind-blowing sexual experience! G-Spot stimulation can lead to intense feelings and new heights of sexual arousal, even to multiple orgasms during sexual intercourse! Learn how to localize the G-Spot; Discover G-Spot stimulation with or without a partner; Explore many positions that will help you arouse the G-Spot; Spice up your love life; Enjoy your G-Spot and reach the ultimate orgasm pleasure with Rain Of Love G-Spot Stimulation Cream!
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Shunga Rain Of Love G-Spot Stimulation Cream - Aphrodisiac For Female Sexual Pleasure

Shunga Rain Of Love G-Spot Stimulation Cream contains L-Arginine, protein that increases blood circulation. This makes G-spot more sensitive and responsive to stimulation. You also will find included guide to finding your G-spot inside the pretty box decorated with Shunga erotic art.

“I was wet with excitement to try Rain Of Love G-Spot Stimulation Cream. The packaging was enticing; the beautiful black box and sleek pearly white bottle called out to me to rush into the bedroom and slip an intimate finger inside myself. Yet, I had to wait. Later I opened the box and read the little book that came with it cover-to-cover and then I started to think of the most seductive little solo sex scenario in my head. I teased and enticed myself, getting nice and wet until I was ready for the Cream. I put just a dab on my finger and inserted it up until I could find that squishy patch of flesh inside my vagina. I rubbed in circles, I vibrated, I played, and yet my orgasm didn’t seem much different than my others. I was not going to give up on the earth shattering orgasm the packaging described, I would have my orgasm! This was when I enlisted the help of my trusty husband. He came to my aid, lathering the creamy potion onto his fingers and massaging my G-Spot. I added a little to my clitoris for good measure and after he had rubbed me to a state of begging, I climbed on his cock and that was when the sensations started. It certainly felt different than my other orgasms. I felt shivers rushing over my body and my clitoris tingled as I orgasmed. Overall it was nice, but really nothing that I could not live without. The Rain Of Love G-Spot Stimulation Cream itself reminded me of motion lotion. The fiction of my fingers against the lotion on my clitoris was what felt the best, but I didn’t experience the ‘rock my world’ orgasm the packaging detailed. I was slightly disappointed because I was looking forward to an over-the-top G-Spot orgasm; however I have never had good luck getting my little nut to work wonders with me. I do think it is a fun lotion to purchase. The cream isn't sticky or smelly, but creamy and almost peppermint scented. The book that comes with it, although not incredible detailed, is informative and may give a beginner ideas. I don’t plan on giving up on my dream of a great G-Spot orgasm and I will certainly continue to use the Rain Of Love G-Spot Stimulation Cream. For those of you who are champion G-Spotters I am sure you will absolutely adore this cream, for beginners it may take some time to get your fires burning, but keep at it, as I will.”
Shunga Rain Of Love G-Spot Cream - Aphrodisiac For Female Sexual Pleasure
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Rain Of Love G-Spot Stimulation Cream - Aphrodisiac For Enhanced Female Sexual Pleasure And Performance
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