Pjur Superhero Performance Spray From Eros - Aphrodisiac For Male Sexual Pleasure, Boosted Libido And Enhances Sexual Performance

For added sexual staying power, men need Pjur Superhero Performance Spray, the ultimate delay spray for men who want to stay harder for longer! Pjur Superhero Performance Spray reduces sensitivity to prolong sexual pleasure after external application to the penis. It refreshes the genital area, increases suppleness and, with its special ingredients, can turn every man into a sexual superhero. The well-balanced ingredients in Pjur Superhero Performance Spray can prevent premature ejaculation and prolong sexual pleasure. Does not contain lidocaine or benzocaine, and is dermatologically tested and safe for daily use. Also condom safe.
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Pjur Superhero Performance Spray From Eros - Aphrodisiac For Male Sexual Pleasure, Boosted Libido And Enhances Sexual Performance

For added staying power during sexual encounters, many men are enjoying the benefits of Pjur Superhero Performance Spray, as seen in People Magazine! The ultimate delay spray made especially for men who want to have more and give more! Just a few squirts and you will last long into the night!

Simply spray Pjur Superhero Performance Spray on the penis for reduced sensitivity during penetrative sexual intercourse and a prolonged sex session that could last until you are both exhausted!  Itis condom safe, and increases penile suppleness and refreshes the entire genital area.  

The formulation of Pjur Superhero Performance Spray is completely free of Lidocane and Benzocaine for your safety. The well-balanced ingredients ensure prolonged pleasure and prevent premature ejaculation, and of course, it is dermatologically tested and safe for daily use. So for that extra dose of Pjur feeling for anyone who wants more, Pjur Superhero Performance Spray is designed especially to do that, for men.

Used externally on the penis Pjur Superhero Performance Spray refreshes the male genital area, increases suppleness and reduces hypersensitivity, thus helping to prevent premature ejaculation.

Enhanced ejaculation delay spray for men
Quick, discreet application for sexual enhancement results when you need them
Stops premature ejaculation immediately
Prolong sexual performance
Enhanced sexual pleasure
Dermatologically tested and safe for use daily
Natural formulation is kind to intimate areas of skin
With Ginkgo extract to increase blood flow and promote circulation
Laureth-4 helps reduce hypersensitivity
Lidocane and benzocaine free formula
Clear, odorless lubricant
Maximum strength formula
Provides greater staying power
Can be used with latex condoms.

This water-based premium lubricant from Pjur is designed especially for men. Containing ecologically formulated ingredients including Ginkgo, Pjur Superhero Performance Spray provides extra length and extra energy so you can have sex all night. Performance-boosting Ginkgo extracts are absorbed into the skin whilst the super-slippery water-based lubricant stays on the surface of your erect penis, giving you long lasting penetrative friction. For centuries, Ginkgo has been used in Chinese medicine and is valued for the way it improves blood flow. As an ingredient in Pjur Superhero Performance Spray lubricant, it has a strengthening and invigorating effect that you and your sexual partner will both enjoy.

How it works: Ordinary long lasting products in the market use anesthetic like Benzocaine or Lidocaine as active ingredients. Pjur Superhero Performance Spray uses Laureth-4 which is commonly used in cosmetic products like cleansing water. It helps reducing hyper-sensitivity of skin to reduce the possible pain during makeup removal. This ingredient effectively reduces penile hyper-sensitivity.

How to use: Just dispense a little into your hands and rub all over the shaft before intercourse. Apply 2 to 4 sprays of Pjur Superhero Performance Spray to the erect penis 5 to 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. Massage for a few minutes to allow the ingredients to take effect. The application and massage of Pjur Superhero Performance Spray can be incorporated into your lovemaking routine. Penetration should commence when the moisture of the spray has been absorbed by the skin and the desensitizing effect can be felt. If there is still some moisture on the skin dry it with a tissue. Pjur Superhero Performance Spray can be used with condoms. Additional lubrication may be needed during a prolonged act of lovemaking. If additional lubricant is needed apply only when the origina spray has been completely absorbed. You can always apply more, as there is no danger of using too much. Every man is different, so it takes time to understand how your body responds to Pjur Superhero Performance Spray. The sensations can last up to 10 minutes. Simply wash gently to remove. This product can be sprayed for around 150 sprays so it can be used for around 50 times.

Application tips: Only 2 to 4 short sprayings are appropriate for one application. To protect yourself against a possible intolerance, first test Pjur Superhero Performance Spray on the lower arm first. Should irritation occur discontinue use immediately. Flush irritated area with water.

Lidocaine and Benzocaine free: If you have a known sensitivity to this local anaesthetic Pjur Superhero Performance Spraycould be a suitable alternative.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Panthenol, Aloe Vera, Menthol, Lauromacrogol, Ethanol.
Pjur Superhero Performance Spray - Aphrodisiac For Male Sexual Pleasure
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Pjur Superhero Performance Spray - Aphrodisiac For Enhanced Male Sexual Pleasure And Performance
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