Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel - Aphrodisiac For Female Sexual Pleasure

Ooooh! That's It! Is the first sensual enhancement gel designed specifically for the G-Spot. The revolutionary Oooh That’s It Gel formula with natural active ingredients temporarily enlarges the G-Spot so that it is easy to find when stimulated through sexual intercourse, a finger or vibrator. The great Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel and Guide will add a whole new dimension to your sex fun! Locate the G-Spot with your finger using the Find It Guide. Apply a small amount of Oooh That's it Gel with one finger; get your partner - or yourself - to manually stimulate the G-Spot until you feel it increase in size. Then make love using one of our specially designed G-Spot positions as described in the Find It Guide! This product is condom safe.
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Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel - Aphrodisiac For Female Sexual Pleasure

You too can locate and stimulate your precious G-Spot with the Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel and Guide! This fabulous Gel comes with a Find It Guide and is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is find your G-Spot, using the Find It Guide if you need to, then apply a dime sized amount of the Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel to your spot and stimulate it until you feel it increase in size. From then on it’s all up to you! Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel stimulates and temporarily enlarges the G-Spot so that you and your sexual partner can tickle and tease it with ease. The helpful Find It Guide also includes sexual positions with drawings, all of which are designed for maximum G-Spot stimulation. Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel is perfect for anyone having trouble locating their G-Spot and is even better for people who can find it blindfolded in a dark cave with their hands tied behind their back. So get ready to experience an orgasm unlike any other.

“Since I am one of those women who truly enjoys G-Spot stimulation to the maximum, I couldn't wait to give the Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel a try! Not every woman enjoys G-Spot stimulation though so, it's just up to your body on whether or not you enjoy this type of stimulation but, if you do, or are not sure where your G-Spot is, this is a great product to try! The reason I say this is a great product to try if you are unsure of where your G-Spot is located, is because there is an instructional booklet enclosed that gives you some really good pointers on where to find it. It also gives you examples of the best positions to use during partner sex to better stimulate the G-Spot. I don't think any of the reviews I had read prepared me for the small size of this bottle though. I understood fully that it was a one ounce bottle but, for some reason, I expected a bit more. Just to give you an idea...the bottle is just a little bit bigger than a hotel sized soap. You know... the little personal soaps that are wrapped up in hotel paper. I personally think the price is a bit steep for this small amount. I think it would be great if they sold a separate product with only the gel and not the instruction booklet for those who already know where their G-Spot is for a lower price. The instructions for this gel are fairly simple. After you have located your G-Spot, apply a dime-size amount of the product to your G-Spot and manually stimulate it until it increases in size. You could also apply the gel to a vibrator if you prefer. Then use a vibrator or make love in one of the most popular positions, located in the guide for maximum G-Spot stimulation. Not too difficult so far. So, getting down to business, I laid out my favorite G-Spot vibe, the Gigi from Lelo and called hubby to come help. He was quite eager to comply. I just thought it would be easier for him to reach my G-Spot, since we already know where it is located, to apply the gel. We started with a smaller than dime sized amount, just in case I was extremely sensitive to this gel. When it was applied, I felt a really pleasant cooling sensation to begin with that kind of melted into a tingling type of sensation after about a minute. After about another minute, it still felt somewhat tingly but, highly sensitive also. My G-Spot has felt this way before naturally so, I was quite impressed that this gel could accomplish that same feeling without all of the extra effort from me. When hubby inserted my Gigi, I turned into a puddle of mush. It felt that good! Even though it felt that stimulating and good, it actually had kind of a prolonging effect on me... I'm really not sure why or if anyone else has experienced this too but, I was ready for hubby to take over so, I assumed the doggie style position since this is the position that I receive the most G-Spot stimulation. It was even more amazing for him to be stroking his cock back and forth across my sensitive G-Spot! Of course, we had to use a condom for birth control and yes, this product is completely safe to use with latex! It took me a good 30 minutes to finally orgasm even with all of the previous stimulation but, when I did orgasm, it was so intense! It was truly an orgasm to cherish and remember forever! I just laid down on the bed when it was over quivering in pleasure! Hubby was quite proud of himself! Just a reminder, this is a water based gel so, you can use it with pretty much anything without the worry of a material interaction. It also means it's easily cleaned up but, I honestly didn't really notice anything left of it. It took such a small amount that I think it just kind of absorbed into my skin. Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel also has a minty smell to it. Kind of like a starlight mint. The bottle is quite functional and has not leaked at all so far. It's just a plain, white plastic bottle that stands on it's flip top lid. There is a warning on the bottle that this gel should not be used by those who have STD's or is pregnant. I highly recommend this product to anyone who enjoys G-Spot stimulation as well as those who aren't quite sure where their G-Spot is or how to find it. It's just too bad that when this one is used up, I'll have to buy another booklet too. They really should sell the gel separately to lower the cost a bit for repeat buyers! I have found that the best position for me to use during sex for G-Spot stimulation with this gel is the doggie style position. This gel also works well on the clitoris so, if you like for your clit to be a bit more stimulated and sensitive, you can use it there too. I would advise starting out with a small amount just in case you might be more sensitive to this product than I was. I have had no pain whatsoever while using it but, I really don't have very sensitive skin either. I also tried this product on my nipples just to see if I would receive any stimulation that way and to my surprise, I actually did. Granted it took about 3-5 minutes but, I did feel a mild tingling sensation there too. Nothing extremely intense but, there was a nice, barely there tingle. I did find the gel to be just a bit thin and a little runny but, nothing too bothersome. When I rubbed it between two fingers, it actually felt kind of like water but it is water based. It all just kind of absorbed into my fingers too with no stickiness. I'll definitely be keeping Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel in stock in my toy box!”

“Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel is made by Pow Products, and stimulates the G-spot, increasing its size and sensitivity. I've been thinking of ordering this product for a little while, but was always a bit hesitant of the price tag. I’m glad I finally caved and purchased it from Eden Fantasys. This one ounce bottle is pure G-spot bliss. While 1 ounce is not that much for paying $17.99, it is worth every penny. You only need a dime size amount, so 1 ounce is not going to run out extremely fast. Well unless you’re like me and use it constantly. The hot pink box it comes in is adorable! There is an image of a woman on the box, with an itty bitty waist and sexy hips. I love the subtle heart over her vagina! It is safe to use with condoms. There is a warning on the bottle, that states Oooh That’s It Gel should not be used by pregnant women or if you have an STD. A great little guide on where to find the G-spot is included. It contains an image of where it is located, how to find it and what positions make it easiest to stimulate the G-spot. If you already know where your G-spot is, this may be very helpful to let your partner read it. I know where my G-spot is but I read the book and learned a thing or 2. If you’re the Queen of the G-spot and your partner is the King, pass it on to a friend who doesn’t know where to find hers. Share your sexual knowledge. Once you know where your G-spot is, sit on your bed (you don’t have to sit, but it is easier to do it sitting than to apply it lying down). With your finger or a toy insert a dime size amount on to your G-spot and rub it in. This isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish, as you have to get it on your G-spot and not all over the inside of your vagina. I think this is honestly why you have to apply a dime size amount. Luckily your G-spot will still come out to play. Almost instantly you’ll feeling a cooling tingling sensation. Now grab a toy or a boy or girl or both and have fun. The lube is water based and therefore safe to use with your toys. The product absorbs into the skin so there is very little clean up after. The minty smell of Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel is delightful. The fragrance is always a nice suprise when I open the bottle. As yummy as it smells, I would not recommend tasting this product. I did not try it, but I can't imagine that it would be a very good idea. I tried Oooh! that’s it! with multiple toys. Mona was my favorite toy to use, but they all felt great. It works fine lying on the bed, but I preferred using my Liberator Wedge/Ramp or Liberator Zepplin Cocoon. Both of these items make it easier to reach my G-spot and make it easier for me to have a mind blowing G-spot orgasm. It is really hard to make me orgasm. When I say really hard, I mean it's a miracle when I orgasm. The fact that Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel can help make me climax is incredible. This isn’t a guaranteed orgasm, but it has done wonders for me and I highly recommend giving it a try. I know it is a little pricey, but it is really worth it as you can’t put a price tag on mind blowing sex. I have no doubt in my mind I’ll be purchasing more of this in the future.”
Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel - Aphrodisiac For Female Sexual Pleasure
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Oooh That’s It G-Spot Stimulation Gel - Aphrodisiac For Enhanced Female Sexual Pleasure And Performance
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