On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her From On Natural Oil - Aphrodisiac For Female Sexual Pleasure, Boosted Libido And Enhances Sexual Performance

On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her boosts female orgasm intensity, duration and frequency. Designed to enhance sexual intimacy, On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her uses a proprietary blend of essential oils and botanicals to create safe, natural feelings of arousal and increased vaginal wetness unlike any other similar product. Contains no harsh preservatives, parabens, perfumes, or artificial flavorings. Simply massage On! Natural Arousal Balm onto your clitoris. On! is perfect for women who are looking for more excitement in their love life or who need a little extra help with libido, sexual desire and arousal. Menthol free.
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On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her From On Natural Oil - Aphrodisiac For Female Sexual Pleasure, Boosted Libido And Enhances Sexual Performance

A small amount of On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her applied directly to the clitoris creates a clitoral buzzing and increases vagina and labia wetness in most women.  This exciting combination of arousal and heightened sensitivity leads to more intense and longer lasting orgasms, resulting in a deep, pleasurable sexual satisfaction.  It also makes for stronger, longer lasting orgasms.

Using only the finest ingredients and essential oils from around the world, On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her uses the same botanicals that have been used for centuries, but never like this!  When topically applied directly to a woman’s clitoris, On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her’s proprietary blend of essential oils creates a natural excitement in the form of a delicious tingling that actually pulses the aroused clitoris with oure sexual pleasure.

On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her can be used in almost any sexual situation, with a partner or without.  It is completely edible, and won’t interfere with any complimentary foreplay or oral sex activities. If you want more control over your libido and sexual satisfaction, get turned On! now.  Embrace and enhance your sexuality and sexual powers, regardless of age. Let On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her take you to the next level of orgasmic pleasure.

A completely innovative, perfectly natural arousal aid for women, On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her has been sending orgasmic shock-waves through bedrooms everywhere with a unique blend of essential oils and botanicals that work to increase clitoral sensation, sexual desire, and vaginal lubrication. Rather than packing their creation with menthol, which is widely used in similar products to deliver the cool tingle that clitoral creams and gels are known for, On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her uses safe, paraben free botanicals like sweet almond, cinnamon and rosemary oils. The result is a sensation that women describe as electric, like the touch of a warm, humming vibrator. Just a small amount of On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her massaged around and into the clitoris works quickly to increase sexual arousal while stimulating natural lubrication production. On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her is ideal for women who have trouble achieving orgasm, and wonderful for simply increasing sexual pleasure.

Completely natural, On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her is packaged in a convenient lipstick shaped dispenser, so is discreet to carry in your handbag for use when needed. Its use makes masturbation, foreplay and penetrative vaginal sex hotter than ever! On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her’s extremely powerful warming and tingling sensation lasts up to 45 orgasmic minutes. Once massaged onto the clitoris area, On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her absorbs quickly into the skin making you hotter and wetter than ever before to the point of pulsating in pure pleasure. The final result is more intense orgasms that are quicker to achieve, longer-lasting, and more frequent. You have to try it to believe it! Apply a very small amount to your fingers and massage directly to the clitoris as On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her is extremely powerful and may take up to 2-3 minutes to fully activate. Enjoy approximately 50 uses per tube.

Use: On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her is an arousal gel for women that helps jumpstart blood flow in the clitoris, resulting in boosted sexual arousal and quicker orgasm. It is also useful for couples during quickies that may not have as much foreplay. What makes On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her standout from its counterparts is that it creates a very powerful warming sensation, and the effects last up to 45 minutes! It is not intended for other body parts, nor does it create the same sensation if you try to use it on nipples or the penis.

Texture: On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her is a clear formula with a slightly yellow tint. It is oil-based and silky in texture, although a bit thicker than most oil-based products. If you put a drop on your finger, it won't spread out like a watery substance, but it is not as thick as gel. This makes it easy to massage into the clitoris without spilling all over your hand before you get it anywhere near your vagina. It's recommended that you put the Balm on your finger and massage in, rather than on the clitoris itself. This is because it is very powerful and you would not want to risk over-applying or accidentally having it drip down into the vaginal opening. After massaging on the clitoris, it absorbs quickly in the skin, leaving no sticky or greasy residue. This takes only a minute or two, and then any of your favorite lubes can be applied for extra slickness. While the small amount that sits on top of your skin won't rub onto sheets and stain, large spills might.

Directions: Inside the tiny box, there is a paper pamphlet with 6 step directions on how to safely use On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her:

Apply 1 or 2 drops of On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her to your finger. Make sure you apply no more than 1 or 2 drops to start with.
Using your finger, gently rub On! directly onto your clitoris. Avoid contact with the urethra.
Within 30-45 seconds, most women begin to feel a warm, tingling, pleasurable sensation. This sensation builds and peaks at about 2 minutes, and can last about 45 minutes.
If you use a personal lubricant during intercourse, apply On! first. Wait 2 minutes to allow for full effect, then apply your personal lubricant. You must apply On! first to fully experience it's unique sensation.
On! is safe to use as often as you like and you can reapply as desired during intercourse.
Make sure you wait at least 2 minutes to allow for full effect before applying more On!.

Performance: Rather than using menthol or peppermint to create a mixture of cooling and warming sensations, On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her relies primarily on a cinnamon extract. The result is a sensation similar to its counterparts, but different. The warming sensation begins taking effect within 1-2 minutes and heats up slowly. Where peppermint oils feel a bit cool and tingly before the warming sensation kicks in, On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her starts out lukewarm and gets hotter over the course of approximately 5 minutes. The heat becomes noticeable within about 30 seconds, and very pleasant within 2 minutes and reaches full effect in about 5-10 minutes. At full effect, the warming is borderline hot. On! Is definitely more powerful than other types of female sexual arousal oils. The warming continues at full strength for 10-20 minutes, and then begins to ebb slowly away, noticeably lasting up to 45 minutes. In fact, if your sex sessions don’t last this long, you may actually need to use soap and water to wash it away because it remains noticeable, even after sex. On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her is not a lube, nor should it be used as such.

Ingredients: Below are the ingredients as found on the label, but with added descriptions based on commonly known uses:

Sweet Almond Oil: A mild, lightweight oil that is a skin emollient often used in massage.
Cinnamomum Cassia: Otherwise known as cinnamon. Aromatic, flavorful, and creates a warming sensation.
Natural Tocopjerols: Otherwise known as vitamin E, used as an antioxidant topically.
Silica: Preservative that prevents the growth of mold.
Phenoxyethanol: Prevents growth of bacteria and yeast
Ethylhexyglycerin: A weak preservative, usually used as a skin conditioning agent.
Rosemary Oil Extract: Anti-microbial preservative with antioxidants and an aromatic scent.

Notes: Sensation usually peaks around 2 minutes, with effects lasting up to 45 minutes. Not for use with condoms.

Warnings: On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her is not a lubricant and not recommended for use anywhere other than the clitoris. Avoid contact with eyes and urethra. If eye contact occurs, rinse with water. For a small percentage of women, On! may cause temporary discomfort. If this happens simple rinse off with soap

“I love On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her! In one use it knocked my previous favorite out of contention and quickly became my  go-to product. I love the smell: it reminds me of baking, but yet it is not over-powering or attached to the skin. And the warming is simply amazing. I have never used a product that felt quite so warm, or that maintained that sensation for so long. Usually I find with other arousal gels that the sensations peak in 5 minutes and quickly dissipate. With On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her, it gets intense and stays that way a good 30 minutes, which is usually plenty of time for me to orgasm. Especially since it helps engorge the clitoris. After 30 minutes I do notice the sensations start to fade slowly. If I was the type of woman to orgasm very quickly this would not be fast fading enough and I would have to go wash up with soap and water because it can be overwhelming afterwards. But for me, the sensations last the perfect amount of time and I can tolerate it post-orgasm and rather enjoy the slow dying heat. But watch out for a hot hole. I was less than careful one time and got some down there. It is at least as hot down there as it is on the clitoris, and it feels less than pleasant. Of course, if that's what you're into, maybe it's not such a bad thing.”

“My partner and I used On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her as a mood enhancer and an extended foreplay aid. It is fun to apply and wear out for a romantic evening, or as part of a sensation-play scenario, given how intense it can be. The thing is, the way On! works is very much subject to the user's body chemistry. Some people will experience pleasant tingling and warming, to varying degrees of intensity. For particularly sensitive people, it might be a good deal too intense. For some, it might even burn unpleasantly. This is definitely a product to test out on less sensitive parts before going all in. Know how it will react with your body and know your sensation limits before applying it to your tender clitoris. On! absorbs into the skin very quickly, and leaves no noticeable residue to wash off. It's packaged like lipstick, so it's quite easy to get it where you want it and make sure it stays there. Overall, I'd say the sensations produced by On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her lasted for just under two hours, following the slow-building preliminary bit, while the oil is going to work. They were very intense and, for my partner and I, quite pleasant. On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her creates a tingling, warming sensation which is quite intense. It is a love it or hate it product; either it works with your chemistry and sensitivity-level and feels good, or it doesn't. With multiple uses behind us, neither I nor my partner have experienced any unfortunate side effects, which is a pleasant but not unexpected discovery. Further, the stimulation it provides is just as intense as the first time we used it, and it truly is a boon to long-distance sex play scenarios. On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her is the kind of product you either love or hate. If it works well with your body chemistry, it will produce powerful warming and tingling sensations which last for a long time. For some, however, it may cause irritation, or the sensation might be too much. “
On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her - Aphrodisiac For Female Sexual Pleasure
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On! Natural Arousal Balm For Her - Aphrodisiac For Enhanced Female Sexual Pleasure And Performance
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