JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray From System JO - Aphrodisiac For Male Sexual Pleasure, Boosted Libido And Enhances Sexual Performance

If you could really improve your sex life with a reliable delay spray, you would go for it. Forget about complicated methods to delay ejaculation when help is only a bottle of JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray away!  JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray is discreet, easy to apply, and improves ejaculation control and sensitivity, enabling you to pleasure your partner for longer periods of time. JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray is latex safe, and can be used under a condom for long-lasting safe sex that yu will both enjoy. JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray gives you the ejaculation control you need while still working safely with condoms.
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JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray From System JO - Aphrodisiac For Male Sexual Pleasure, Boosted Libido And Enhances Sexual Performance

Say goodbye to the embarrassing nights when you climaxed before your partner reached orgasm. JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray helps you make sure you and your lover have as much satisfaction as either of you needs. Specially formulated with a man’s sexual needs in mind, you will be able to last longer and control the timing of your ejaculation, while enhancing sensitivity and boosting erection strength and endurance.  

With added Benzocaine to provide a mild desensitization, the safe to use JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray will ensure satisfaction for both parties. Its increased energy formula has no mineral oil and should provide a more intense ejaculatory male orgasm. Improved male stamina and endurance provided by JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray will make women literally beg for more. JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray is completely safe to use with latex condoms.

JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray will help you last a lot longer but not desensitize your penis so much that you won’t feel any pleasure at all. If you wait between eight and ten minutes, you will really be able to see the change in how long you can last before having to ejaculate. Just a few spritzes and you will be ready to provide all the sexual and orgasmic pleasure your partner desires.

JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray is not greasy, but rather silky feeling, and a little really goes a long way.

System JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray Features:

Increases sexual stamina and heightens pleasure
Improves ejaculation control and sensitivity
Amplify and invigorate your sensual experience
Intense and prolonged ecstasy
Bigger, harder, stronger and longer
Contains no mineral oil
100% Latex safe
Made in the USA.

JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray provides lasting sexual pleasure and orgasmic satisfaction for your partner plus intense and continued ecstasy for you. Men will now benefit from increased energy, boosted sex-drive, improved sexual stamina, delayed ejaculation, and orgasmic encounters like never before!

Usage: Five to ten minutes before intercourse, spray a small amount of JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray onto your penis to create the desensitizing effect. It will only take a few minutes to dry and absorb into your skin so you can avoid desensitizing your partner’s vaginal area - or anus - at the same time. Wash off after use.

Ingredients: Benzocaine (INCI), Propylene Glycol, Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, PEG 8, Purified Water (Aqua)

“After having great experiences with other System JO products, we decided to try the System JJO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray. After trying it, I can definitely say we were not disappointed. My husband and I tried it one night and we could really tell a difference. It has just the right balance to desensitize so you last longer, but not so much that you can't feel anything. The only thing I would say is that while the package says to wait about 5 minutes or so, if you wait about 8-10 instead you can really tell a difference in how long you can last. This is a great product for anyone looking to last longer and one that we would definitely recommend! Also, a little bit does go a long way with this product. It's not greasy, it's silky feeling once it's on. I also recommend this for masturbation. When I tried it solo with a toy a dildo I have I actually put it directly on the toy then used instead of putting it directly on my skin and it worked great that way also, but like it says on it wait five minutes. I would go a little extra just so you don't end up feeling any pain especially if you like anal play solo or with your partner. It really does not take much for it to work. It is 100% latex safe also, for those out there who are allergic, just a warning people. Yes, like it says it is a prolonger for the guys and it's true. It will make your lovemaking last longer and for me I like that a lot too!”
JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray - Aphrodisiac For Male Sexual Pleasure
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JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray - Aphrodisiac For Enhanced Male Sexual Pleasure And Performance
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