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Aphrodisiac Definition: An aphrodisiac is a food, drink, drug, scent, or other item that arouses or increases sexual desire, libido, sensitivity, sexual performance and orgasmic intensity. Named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty, the list of sexual stimulants with aphrodisiac properties ranges from roses, through chocolates, oysters, sensual massage, Spanish fly, and hundreds of other items, including the high quality products available for sale via this web site.

Aphrodisiacs Increase Sexual Desire, Sexual Stamina And Sexual Performance

Aphrodisiacs For Better Sex: For as long as men and women have been having sex together, they have been trying to make their sexual experiences better, longer lasting and more mutually satisfying - or to get their partners in the mood for sex. Over the years, men and women have developed a wide variety of creative solutions - or aphrodisiacs - for the problems of not being ready for sex, being too tired for sex, sexually arousing a partner and making sex last longer.

Sensually Erotic Aphrodisiacs And Sex Stimulants For Men And Women

Aphrodisiacs For Pleasure: Throughout history, many foods, drinks, and behaviors have had a reputation for making people more willing to have sex and for the sex act itself to be more pleasurable. Accordingly, the aphrodisiac products featured for sale on this web site are a modern distillation of accumulated knowledge regarding what turns men and women on. Our selection of aphrodisiac creams, oils, gels, sprays, spritzers and lubricating lotions are the best available to change the mood and boost the sexual intensity and orgasmic pleasure of you and your sexual partner.

Aphrodisiacs Designed For The Sexual Needs Of Both Men And Women

Aphrodisiacs For Men And Women: It is no secret that women are different from men so far as sexual needs, desires and orgasmic capabilities are concerned, and these differences are reflected in the aphrodisiacs available for both sexes.

Male Sexual Arousal tends to be instant and men want quick acting, more stimulating aphrodisiacs which produce stronger, longer lasting erections, boosted sexual stamina and staying power, and delayed ejaculations.
Female Sexual Arousal tends to grow gradually, and generally requires an emotional connection as well as intimate physical contact. Female Aphrodisiacs tend to have more relaxing properties than male aphrodisiacs. Many of the aphrodisiac herbs used for women are mildly stimulating plants that help establish a sense of peace and security that allow a woman to open up sexually.

What Are Aphrodisiacs - Sexual Aphrodisiac Facts And Information

Aphrodisiacs Are About Sex: Sex is the one aspect of human life that has always been a main motivation in every time and within every culture. Sex and the ability to attract and perform sexually are biologically inherent in human beings. Sexually active men and women have always sought methods to induce and heighten sexual arousal, and enhance their sexual experience and pleasure by improving and prolonging their sexual performance. Aphrodisiacs are substances which aid in achieving these sexuality goals. A huge number of plants, minerals and synthetic compounds have been labeled aphrodisiac.

Aphrodisiacs Have Been Used Historically To Improve Sexual Performance

Aphrodisiacs For Sexual Performance: Throughout history, aphrodisiac ingredients have included everything from frogs and berries to sterile, lab synthesized drugs. References to aphrodisiac substances appear in mystic or holy texts from the Kama Sutra, the Bible to the Koran and in literature from Shakespeare and Ovid to Gilbert and Sullivan plays in the early twentieth century. Mandrake figures prominently in the book of Genesis. Rachel, Jacob's first wife, allows Leah to sleep with Rachel in exchange for mandrake, implying that mandrake had some use as an aphrodisiac or possibly as a treatment for fertility. Ovid actually wrote a work called Remedies for Love detailing specific recipes for aphrodisiacs. Because we all want to be better lovers, aphrodisiacs tap into this basic human insecurity about our sexual potency and performance. The science behind aphrodisiac claims may be dubious, but there's a lot to be said for the power of suggestion.

Why Certain Things Are Considered To Have Aphrodisiac Properties?

Aphrodisiacs can be suggestive of sex: You only have to look at the rhino horn to see why men believe it will boost their erections, while oysters have a certain female quality. Ginseng, which possessed aphrodisiac properties, is a popular form of Chinese medicine,where the name translates as 'man root'.
Aphrodisiacs produce physical reactions associated with having sex: You eat a chilli, another well-known aphrodisiac, you end up hot and bothered. The same goes for curries and other spicy food.
Aphrodisiacs contain trace elements known to improve sexual vitality: The addition of calcium and phosphorous to a diet could well boost your lust for life, both vertically and horizontally. Rhino horn is packed with . Zinc, found in oysters, is another substance associated with sex, largely because of its role in sperm production.
Aphrodisiacs come from the sea: Just like Aphrodite, in Greek mythology. Make shellfish your dish of the day, and who knows what effect it might have on your nights.

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