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A Fan Of Porn Superstar Anna Malle Writes: “Anna Malle is a beauty whose insatiable sexual heat far surpasses her formidable good looks. She's a pure 1990's sex doll, a sexually insatiable  woman who doesn't know how to say no to sex of almost any kind. Anna Malle is an energetic, full throttle sexual performer who is known for leaving her on-screen and off-screen sexual partners completely drained. She first got a taste for hardcore movie sex with some pro-am appearances in exploitation sex flicks like 'Video Virgins 14' and 'More Dirty Debutantes 37.' Once she got the porn movie performing bug, she just couldn't get enough exhibitionistic on screen sex action, so she moved to Southern California  to try for the big time in the adult movie world. In the following years, Anna Malle developed a reputation as one of the wildest porn actresses in the adult film business. She craves sex - especially anal action - with an intense sexual hunger that comes through in even her briefest movie appearances. From intense anal sex action to mind-bending gang bangs, Anna Malle eats it all up with relish.”

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The late porn actress Anna Malle was born as Anna Marie Stout or Hotop-Stout in Havana, Illinois and raised in Fort Madison, Iowa of Irish, German and Cherokee heritage. Anna Malle had tattoos on her left breast and just above her vulva, surgically enhanced breasts, crooked lower teeth, and a tight, athletic build. She had a bubble butt, similar to Nina Hartley, and was perhaps best known for her long brunette hair amid a sea of bleached blonde porn actresses, and her eagerness to engage in anal sex.

Anna Malle began her porn movie acting career in professional / amateur porn movies, then appeared in one of the "Dirty Debutantes" series and a few Max Hardcore productions. She became well known for her enthusiastic sexual performances, and between 1993 and 2004 she performed in almost 200 adult porn films. Her trademarks include her willingness to perform both anal and lesbian sex, as well as the use of dirty talk in her sex scenes. Anna Malle had also performed in more mainstream circles, including appearances on HBO and the Playboy Channel. Her most frequent male co-star was her husband Hank Armstrong.

Anna Malle's stage name resulted from giving a French spin to the idea of animal lust for wanton sex - hence, Anna Malle.

Anna Malle retired from adult film making in 2005. She was killed in a car accident near Las Vegas, Nevada on January 25, 2006. Her husband Hank Armstrong was not involved in the crash. She was not wearing a seat belt.

Porn Critic Jim Holliday Has This To Say About Anna Malle: “Anna Malle’s acting is no great shakes, but she has the sexual character to more than make up for it. She is at her best when the sex is at its rawest, as in her show-stopping performances in ‘Body Talk’ and ‘Phantasm’. Anna Malle is a favorite of fans of insatiable, lusty women who know what they want and how to get it.”

Roy Karch directed Anna Malle in numerous adult movie appearances: "Anna Malle was one of the really great wildly sexual women of all time, as wild as she was on camera, she was as nice off camera. Just having her performing in a porn movie was a plus. She was bubbly and fun and sweet; one of the last porn actresses who really enjoyed her job in this business. She lived porn and loved porn."

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Porn Star Anna Malle, who died in a car accident in 2006, was a sexually insatiable adult movie nymphomaniac who was born for sex and lived out her chosen swinging lifestyle to the extreme as a porn actress with a voracious no holes barred sexual appetite, especially for hardcore, deeply penetrative anal sex action. Anna Malle’s sexual exuberance and realistically orgasmic on screen pleasure could never faked. Anna Malle loved sex, so she loved her work as a porn performer - and it showed! She had the kind of body that hardcore movie fans love - long legs, tight ass, huge firm breasts and a pretty brunette face that oozed sensuality and sexual desire. Of all the hardcore porn movies made by Anna Malle in her tragically short adult film career we have gathered together the hardest, very best Anna Malle sex action movies now available on high quality, re-mastered discount priced DVDs.
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