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‘Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex’ Anal Sex Education DVD Will  Make Penetrative Anal Sex More Pleasurable
Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex - Hardcore Anal Sex Education DVD Starring Nina Hartley

See the hows and whys of this taboo with the explicit and educational Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex DVD and start your own journey into forbidden eroticism. Porn legend Nina Hartley slowly and expertly shows women how to satisfy their men by allowing anal stimulation and anal penetration. Nina starts off with achingly slow and sensual fellatio and climaxes with a cheek splitting, ass thumping, rump-bumping rodeo ride! Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex is a genuinely Taboo-breaking "How-To" DVD!

Starring: Anna Malle, Hank Armstrong, John Decker, Nina Hartley
Director: Nina Hartley
Studio:  Adam and Eve
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Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex - Explicit Anal Sex Education DVD
Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex - Hardcore Anal Sex Education DVD Starring Nina Hartley

There really isn't a plot to Nina Hartley’s Guide to Anal Sex DVD. Think of it more like Online Training for anal sex play and anal sex pleasure. Nina, who is renowned for her enthusiastic and expert on-screen anal sex activities, goes into lecture mode and teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about playing with your ass and your partner’s ass in four easy chapters.

Adult Hall of Fame Superstar and sex-positive activist Nina “Bubble Butt” Hartley is your guide to exploring anal play in an informative and fun way in her superb Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex DVD. Here we learn basic anus and rectum anatomy, plus anal sex tips and techniques, as well as being treated to explicit and highly stimulating demonstrations of couples enjoying anal sex together.

Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex DVD is informative, frank, and humorous, yet filled with common sense. Nina recommends a good vibrator, liberal quantities of lube, and latex gloves. Learn why! See the how and why of this often taboo sexual practice and start your own journey into forbidden back door eroticism. Learn all the secrets of backdoor love from Nina “Bubble Butt” Hartley, the Best Butt in the Biz.

Nina Hartley Says: "You can only do anal sex properly if you have the desire to do so. Your anus will always listen to your heart, not your mind."

Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex DVD Features:

Large Photo Gallery
Playable Worldwide
Interactive Menus
Nina Hartley Bio
Hi-Fi Stereo
Chapter Selections
Full Motion Chapter Indexing
Digitally Re-mastered.

Content / Genre / Audience: Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex is perfect for men, women and couples who want to learn more about anal sex and how to properly achieve anal pleasure. It is a great guide and would work for anyone looking to try anal sex, either on a partner or themselves. The DVD begins with an anatomy lesson from Nina Hartley. She explains what will happen using both a male and female. The next segment features Nina and Anna Malle showing how you should try using fingers anally. They provide tips, such as foreplay and proper methods to ensure clean, safe fun. Nina shows the best position and methodology to ensure that Anna receives the pleasure that comes from anal sex, without hurting her or forcing her finger too deep. After Nina and Anna finish showing how to play with fingers, Nina and John Decker talk about analingus, which is licking of the anus and surrounding areas. There are close ups of John licking Nina’s anus, all while explaining what he is doing and why. Finally, there is an all-out sex session with all 4 actors in which they enjoy everything from oral to anal. The actors really demonstrate that anal penetration will not hurt and can actually be pleasurable when performed properly.

Actors: Nina Hartley, a famous porn star and sex educator, is the main performer in this DVD. She lends her "nice lady next door" personality to the proceedings. It is, after all, her video. For the beginning half of the movie she is in control, explaining anatomy, how to properly perform anal, and analingus. Anna Malle then joins Nina to show what it is like to receive anal from another person's fingers and also a penis. John Decker joins Nina to teach about analingus. The three of them are joined in the last segment by Hank Armstrong for the all-out sex session. Nina Hartley presents the material in a way that is interesting, funny, and useful.  All four members of the cast get along really well together. Nina says that she and Anna are friends on and off the camera and I believe it.

The first chapter is anatomy, and she describes where everything is, how it is shaped, what is sensitive, etc. in exquisite detail. If she wasn't a teacher before the adult business, she should have been. She is an excellent lecturer. She doesn't stumble over her words, she doesn't sound condescending, she enunciates well. The anus anatomy lesson is very interesting, and worth studying for anyone who wants to go playing around the back door.

Lesson number two is the demonstration portion of the class. The late Anna Malle and Nina demonstrate some techniques on how to play with your ass. Nina tells you that she asked Anna to help her because she's very expressive in her wants during sex. She chose wisely. Both of these women are very communicative in what to do, what not to do, what works, when to start doing something, when to stop. Even if you never experiment beyond what these two women do, they give you enough material to keep your ass happy for a long time.

Lesson number three demonstrates the art of the rim job. Nina and John Decker are on the sofa, with John munching away. Again, Nina shifts into lecture mode to dispense good advice. John also stops licking and gives out some advice from his side of things.

The Sex: First up is Nina Hartley and Anna Malle playing around Anna's ass. If you think a lecture can't be a turn on, then I submit to you Anna's ass. As they slowly get into what they're doing, Anna basically winds up like a dragster at the starting line. Do you remember the original Back to the Future movie? At the beginning of the movie, when the DeLorean car is going to make its first trip through time with the dog in the front seat, Anna is reminiscent of the DeLorean. She just sort of sits there, spinning her tires faster and faster until smoke is nearly coming out of her ass and then she just lets go and takes off like a bat out of hell. It probably doesn't hurt that she is using a vibrator that probably has a kick-start. This is a great scene. Anna lets you know exactly what feels good and how she likes it. Watching her have a rock-solid orgasm is always fun.

Scene two is a little foreplay with John Decker and Nina Hartley. This really is not much of a scene. It consists of a couple shots of John giving Nina a rim job while she talks to the camera. The chapter gives out great information on how to give rim jobs, so it served its purpose. It didn't do anything for me, but the information was interesting.

Last up is an orgy with John Decker, Nina Hartley, Anna Malle and Hank Armstrong. This is a wonderful scene that is fully half as long as the entire movie, and everyone gets an orgasm or two in. Nina has a couple of beauties and Anna holds up her end of the screaming orgasm requirement as well. Anna is unabashedly enjoying herself through the entire scene and she tells you. Loud and clear. Nina is a treat to watch, mainly for the expressions on her face. There is a particularly memorable moment when she's doing a reverse cowgirl on John's lap and her eyes get really big. It is a lot of fun to watch. What is better is after a particularly good orgasm, she throws her hands up in the air and yells "Touchdown!" This scene is the epitome of two couples who are really good friends who get together and have sex in the living room.

“The beginning of ‘Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex’ is very good, telling you what to do and what not to do, and Nina Hartley goes through fingering the ass, and ass licking. That is were the instructions end. There are no real tips or how to achieve penetration with a penis and how that should be done. It ends with two couples having sex, including plenty of anal. Before I got this DVD, my girlfriend didn't really want to do anal. We tried but it hurt. So, we got the DVD and after that, my she was all for it. Nina is very good at explaining things in the DVD and she would help anyone get over their fear of anal sex. We are now having anal sex regularly and it is great. I recommend this DVD for anyone that is questioning anal, or wants it but wants a better understanding of the proper way to go about it.”

“I love having anal orgasms, they are so unpredictable and always enjoyable, so I got ‘Nina Hartley's Guide to Anal Sex’ DVD to see what I else needed to know. Nina does an excellent job for anyone considering trying anal sex, and as always, Nina is hot. You will certainly get your moneys worth! I love that after what she teaches she gives you a demonstration of what it looks like, This was very informational, and my husband doesn't know what has happened to my sex drive in the last couple weeks! Worth every dime and more! A must for your DVD collection.”
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