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‘Dr. Ava’s Guide To Anal Sex For Women’ Anal Sex Education DVD Will  Make Anal Sex More Pleasurable
Dr. Ava's Guide To Anal Sex For Women - Hardcore Anal Sex Education DVD Starring Dr. Ava Cadell

Are you interested in more adventurous, sensual and orgasmic anal sex? Dr. Ava's Guide To Anal Sex For Women DVD has everything you need to know about comfortable, pleasurable anal sex delivered to you by Sexpert Dr. Ava Cadell. Discover the top 12 anal sex rules, learn to use anal sex toys, and get expert tips on advanced positions to achieve multiple orgasms. Progress from preparation, seduction and exploration to anal sex toys, analingus and anal sex positions, and experience ultimate anal sex satisfaction.

Starring: Dr. Ava Cadell, Aleska Nicole, Francesca Le
Director: Mike Quasar
Studio:  Zero Tolerance
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Dr. Ava's Guide To Anal Sex For Women - Explicit Anal Sex Education DVD
Dr. Ava's Guide To Anal Sex For Women - Hardcore Anal Sex Education DVD Starring Dr. Ava Cadell

Get Dr. Ava Cadells's exclusive tips and techniques on the best way to enjoy anal sex pleasure! Do you sometimes feel inhibited about that most secret and even taboo part of your body? Dr. Ava's Guide To Anal Sex For Women DVD has everything you need to know about comfortable, pleasurable anal sex delivered to you by Dr. Ava Cadell!

Dr. Ava Cadell presents a very attractive couple acting out the following steps:

Bathing and using massage, with lubricant, as foreplay,
Using anal toys, in order to become familiar with the anal area, and
Employing the use of butt plugs and anal beads for progressive anal dilation.

In addition, for sensuality, she suggests the traditional employment of kissing, caressing, and verbal complements to enhance the mutual experience.

Discover everything you need to know about having safe, pain-free, exciting and mutually pleasurable anal sex encounters! Let Dr. Ava Cadell and her anal-loving friends help you to unlock the joy of amazing anal sex, from preparation to penetration and beyond. Two very sexy couples give fully explicit demonstrations of novice and advanced anal sex positions so that you can learn while you watch.

One small but significant tip - If your man feels a little squeamish exploring your back door with his finger – wearing a finger cot is an easier, more sanitary way to start out.

Who Is Dr. Ava Cadell: Dr. Ava Cadell is a former adult actress and currently a therapist and speaker on issues of sexuality. Cadell was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1956 and later attended school in Finchley, England. She made a number of British television appearances in the 1970’s and also posed naked in the July 1975 issue of men's magazine Mayfair. Ava Cadell obtained a doctorate in human behavior from Newport University, California and later a doctorate of education in human sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. She then embarked upon teaching, writing and lecturing, based out of Los Angeles. Through her private practice, Dr. Ava Cadell counsels individuals and couples on personal issues ranging from anger management and fear of intimacy to lack of communication and lack of desire. As an extension of her presence in the sex therapy field, she has founded Loveology University, which is described as the "on-line university of love coaching", through which she imparts her knowledge to motivated students who will follow her career path to become "Loveologists".

Dr. Ava Cadell Says: “Love and sexual intimacy are the greatest gifts we can share with someone who is worthy of it. I was raised by nuns who drilled negative messages about sex into my mind, so I grew up confused about love and sex. I became a rebellious Catholic girl starting my career as a glamour model and adult actress in the UK. I do not apologize or regret choosing to exploit my physical attributes in magazines, TV shows and motion pictures because they were part of my journey toward the fruitful life I am now leading. In fact, I am grateful for all of my past experiences because they led me to discover my life’s mission: to dedicate my life to helping others overcome guilt and shame so they can experience healthy love and sexuality. It was a natural progression for me to go from sex symbol to Sexpert! Through by studies and achievements I am proud to commend my ‘Dr. Ava's Guide To Anal Sex For Women’ DVD for your attention"

“Although my wife wanted to try anal sex to please me, she wasn't sure about it and was afraid it would hurt. After watching ‘Dr. Ava's Guide To Anal Sex For Women’ DVD and seeing other couples having anal play and enjoying it, she gave in and gave up her anus for my pleasure. Now we are regularly having great back door fun and added another element to our already great sex life. I would recommend this DVD to anyone wanting to explore anal sex pleasure.”
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