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Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex - Anal Play for Men - Hardcore Anal Sex Education DVD Starring Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex - Anal Play for Men is an explicit anal sex instruction DVD! Porn legend Jessica Drake focuses on anal play for men! There is no shame in a man wanting some backdoor action, so learn all about male anal stimulation with Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex - Anal Play for Men DVD. If you are curious about anal play for men, but don't know where to start, this DVD is for you. Featuring candid interviews and informative demonstrations, including P-Spot / prostate play.

Starring: Aiden Starr, Gabriel, India Summer, Kimberly Kane, T.J Cummings, Wolf Hudson
Director: Jessica Drake
Studio:  Wicked Pictures
Our Price Only $24.95
Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Anal Sex - Explicit Anal Sex Education DVD
Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex - Anal Play for Men - Hardcore Anal Sex Education DVD Starring Jessica Drake

Every man wants to know what it is like to be touched or penetrated anally, but few are brave enough to ask or find out for themselves. If you are curious about anal play for men, but don't know where to start, Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex - Anal Play for Men DVD is what you need.

Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex - Anal Play for Men is the seventh instructional DVD from Porn Hall of Famer and Wicked Pictures' contract star Jessica Drake and the Wicked Pictures adult movie studio. Here, the subject matter is how to stimulate and penetrate a man's butthole. Since Jessica Drake has plenty of experience in in all things related to anal sex she is the perfect hostess and trainer to take the viewer through this process. Furthermore, her gentle and soft-spoken voice makes it very easy to follow her instructions. Jessica's experienced background in conducting sex seminars globally, hosting her own Playboy Radio show, as well as being able to connect with enquiring adults through her friendly and personal approach has fully prepared her for her role as a sex educator. Despite being a high profile porn star, she is easy to talk to on sexual matters. Unlike other sex experts, Jessica Drake is always soothing and never intimidating.

Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex - Anal Play for Men DVD contains candid interviews and informative demonstrations, to guide you to bigger, better progasms, courtesy of your P-Spot. From tongues to toys to strap-on sex and more, you will find everything you and your partner need to make sure the anal sex experience is mind blowing.

At the start of Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex - Anal Play for Men DVD, Wolf Hudson, TJ Cummings, and Gabriel talk about why they enjoy anal play and how it makes them feel. Diet is discussed too as Wolf says to eat light. Later, Jessica Drake discusses the physiology of a man's anus, rectum and prostate. An important discussion takes place on how to prepare for anal play and penetrative anal sex.

TJ Cummings then talks about enemas. Aiden Starr advises to use plain water. Kimberly Kane, Wolf Hudson, and others talk about one's expectations of cleanliness and dirtiness before and during anal sex. Since the act involves the butthole, both partners need to have the same mind set that it's either going to be dirty or clean, especially if anal sex session is a spontaneous moment. It is important not to be put off if it becomes messy.

Later, Jessica talks about good hygiene as an important factor during the preparation of anal play. Then, the six performers describe their first experience of male anal play as well as how to bring this subject up to one's partner to find out if he or she wants to participate in it. The social stigma discussion between TJ Cummings and Aiden Starr is very informative. The facial reactions and body language of the women as the men were talking about this subject are a delight to behold.

Next, we see TJ Cummings and Aiden Starr kissing and making out on a bed. The pretty blonde runs her hands along his thighs and erect penis. Then, she attentively sucks his cock, rubbing his asshole with her finger while continuing to suck. The scene shifts to Kimberly Kane running her two fingers along Gabriel's butthole while he is masturbating. Then, we see India Summer sucking on Wolf's cock.

After a discussion by Jessica on the pleasure of using one's tongue for oral play, we see Aiden Starr sucking TJ's dick as well as licking his ass. There is good personal chemistry as she goes back and forth between his anus and his penis. Soon, Kimberly is shown licking her partner's ass.

Afterwards, Jessica provides instructions on how to finger a guy's asshole. She describes how to stick your finger into his anus with a curved motion instead of a straight one. Then, Kimberly is seen lubing Gabriel so that finger entry will be much easier. Next, India does a good job in sucking Wolf's balls and fingering his butthole. After this sequence, Jessica describes several types of toys that can be used for anal play. She states that it's important to start with a small item and use lots of lube. Then, we see Aiden energetically sucking and stroking TJ's cock while rubbing his asshole with a black dildo. The pegging discussion occurs next, including a very good demonstration by India Summer and Wolf Hudson. Pegging, by the way, is the act of a man getting butt fucked by a woman wearing a strap-on dildo.    

Scene One: Kimberly Kane and Gabriel are on opposite sides of the bed. There are a few lit candles in the room. They get on the bed and begin to kiss while standing on their knees. He has on white underwear and she is wearing a black bra and panties. I enjoyed watching her rub his bulge in his shorts. The kissing activity continues as the woman lays on top of him. Soon, she is sitting on his face for some oral action on her warm crotch and tasty pussy. A 69 follows with Kimberly on top. Once again, I enjoyed watching her rub his sexual package. Then, she shoves her face into his snatch briefly to lubricate it with her mouth. A finger fuck by her occurs as Gabriel strokes his dick. Afterwards, Kimberly slides a condom on his dick for their cowgirl moments. Later, Gabriel gets to orally stimulate the woman's pussy and asshole with his tongue before fucking her doggie style. I like his energy level and stroking rhythm as it really gets the viewers turned on. A very nice moment occurs afterwards when Kimberly strokes his dick with two hands while he is laying on his back. Moments later, she is wearing a strap-on dildo and slides it into his asshole and fucks him. It is evident that Gabriel is enjoying it. I also like how Kimberly gets off on it too. She becomes more turned on as the screwing action progresses. It never looks like work to her. A doggie fuck by her follows. She also uses a vibrator for added stimulation on him later on in their fucking performance. At this point, Gabriel strokes off with much more effort and eventually makes himself cum.
Scene Two: TJ Cummings is taking a shower. Aiden Starr walks up behind him and joins her hunky man. He turns around as soon as he feels her affectionate hand on his back. They kiss and she rubs his cock. I like how she showers him with the water and how fond she acts with his dick. The pretty woman does a cool job in applying the water on his balls and crotch. The usage of the water during her oral play is hot and erotic. It enhances the personal chemistry between them. When she shoves her mouth into his snatch, the viewer can tell that it's a pleasure and not work for her. Later, she sticks a small butt plug into him for further stimuli. I really got turned on when Aiden sucked his cock and kissed him on the lips. The gaze that she places on him as she looks up into his eyes is very sweet. At this point, the pretty woman has a different type of toy up his ass. Afterwards, TJ strokes off with Aiden receiving his warm cum. This scene is very sweet.  

Scene Three: India Summer and Wolf Hudson are making out beside a fire place. The hot woman slides down his body and sucks his dick with solid passion. I like listening to Wolf's breathing patterns as India continued to work over his meaty plaything. She does a good job in moving her hand up and down his shaft. Her oral actions are quite active. She really increases her pace when her attention is on his asshole. Wolf strokes his dick with rapidly while India applies pressure on his butthole with her thumb. Her cocksucking energy heats up as their performance lingered on. Later, we get to admire her beautiful body when Wolf eats and finger fucks her pussy with solid passion too. He digs into it a lot. After they kiss, he sticks his dick into her and fucks her with a steady and exciting delivery. After their doggie fuck, India puts on a strap-on. I enjoyed how the camera panned her sexy legs as she slid the item onto her waist. Next, India slides the toy into Wolf's asshole and fucks him steadily. As it progresses on, India thrusts herself into him more and Wolf strokes off with a faster rhythm. Then, Wolf rides the woman reverse cowgirl style which leads him to cum.

Final Thoughts: The last time Jessica Drake talked about anal play, she won the AVN award for Best Instructional Release for Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex: Anal. Now, she has returned to the topic, but, this time focusing on men. Anal sex is always a tough subject to talk about especially to make it interesting so that a guy will sit through this type of film. Jessica Drake continues to do it extremely well. Of course, a lot of credit has to go to the six performers who make this subject entertaining. Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex - Anal Play for Men DVD is highly  recommended, because it has been done in such a way that it will not make men who are new to anal play squirm in their seats.
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