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A Fan of Porn Legend Amber Lynn Writes: “Porn superstar Amber Lynn usually wore her hair cropped short during her career before the porn movie cameras, leaving her remarkably expressive, full-mouthed face to be shot in all its orgasmic glory while she fucked and deep throated some of the biggest porn studs in the business. Amber Lynn is a voracious sexual dynamo who can take on and sexually satisfy the biggest, roughest studs in the porn business. Directors found her to be one of the easiest actresses to work with. Her vivacious personality and no holes barred attitude to sex kept her in high demand throughout and beyond porn’s so-called Golden Age, right up to today, when the word MILF means Amber Lynn!”

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Amber Lynn Biography: Amber Lynn - born Laura Allen in 1963, in Newport Beach, California - is a porn actress and exotic dancer whose career spanned, and extended beyond, the Golden Age of Movie Pornography. As a teenager, she got involved in the club scene in Los Angeles, where she met Althea Flynt, wife of Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt. Soon, Amber was eagerly posing for explicit nude photo shoots in Hustler as well as other men's magazines such as Penthouse. She entered the adult film industry in 1983, after her friend Ginger Lynn Allen - aka Ginger Lynn - did the same. The two friends, along with Porsche Lynn, became known as “The three Lynns" and were among the most successful female porn stars of the 1980’s.

Amber Lynn Tribute : Facts And Information About Porn Legend Amber Lynn

Amber Lynn On Screen Appearances: Amber Lynn's sexual exploits in her porn movies included vaginal and anal intercourse and oral sex, as well as very enthusiastic lesbian scenes. She starred in several porn movies with exceptionally well endowed men, and did a number of scenes involving double penetration. In her early career, she did not do anal sex. She got her older brother, porn actor Buck Adams, into the porn industry, and the two kept the fact that they were siblings hidden until they were scheduled to perform a scene together, at which point they had to confess.

Although Amber Lynn was not directly affected by the Traci Lords underage-porn scandal in 1986, the episode shook her confidence in the porn business. She had also been deeply hurt by the 1984 suicide of friend Shauna Grant, and left adult films for a short period.

Amber Lynn began exotic dancing stripping, making personal appearances in Canada with fellow adult film actress Tracey Adams, with whom she was involved at the time in a real life lesbian relationship. She soon decided that she preferred live entertainment to filmmaking. After a few years, however, the number of porn stars on the dancing circuit exploded, reducing the amount of money each of them could earn. She moved back to Los Angeles and returned to posing for adult magazines.

In her early porn career Amber Lynn refrained from breast enlargement surgery, but by the time she returned to porn in the 1990’s, her modest B-cup breasts had been surgically enhanced to at least a DD cup.

The big money temptation of hardcore porn movies was too much, and Amber Lynn returned to adult films in the mid 1990’s, with considerable success. Several of her roles were lesbian scenes or non-sexual parts. However, by 1999, her struggles with drug abuse and alcoholism had severely damaged both her personal life and her career. Amber Lynn and Tracey Adams had ended their long-term lesbian relationship, and Lynn dropped out of the porn business again to clean herself up.

Soon after her second retirement, reportedly in need of money, Amber Lynn began making porn films again. Some of these films were more extreme than those that she had done earlier in her career, including scenes containing anal sex, which she had previously refused to do, and extreme lesbian bondage, including spanking and sexual abuse. She still appears in MILF films from time to time, but her involvement is usually limited to one sex scene only.

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Amber Lynn DVDs - Amber Lynn Biography - Amber Lynn Facts And Information - Amber Lynn Photo Galleries
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Classic porn star Amber Lynn was, along with Ginger and Porsche, one of the three Lynn porn actresses who dominated much of the 1980's Golden Age porn movie scene. In her sexual prime blonde Amber Lynn was the epitome of the raw and slutty, trailer trash come-and-fuck-me sexuality that garnered legions of loyal fans. Amber Lynn was - and as a MILF still is - a very sensual woman, with a tight body, gorgeous ass, and beautiful ripe and round breasts. The very best hardcore Amber Lynn movies from the Golden Age Of Porn are now available to buy on re-mastered high quality DVDs, as well as more recent hardcore sex action DVDs starring the still sexually voracious mature Amber Lynn of today, where she is much in demand as a beautifully sex charged MILF performer.

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