If You Don’t Own Your Own Moneymaking Adult Web Site And Have No Web Design Skills You Can Still Benefit From The Moneymaking And Commission Earning Potential Of Ethical Affiliate Marketing Schemes For Adult Web Sites

We are very familiar with the profit potential of Affiliate Marketing, since we have been creating web sites for years which make money purely by selling other peoples’ products. After years of building up our knowledge we recently combined all our individual Affiliate Marketing web sites into a single portal - DiscountAdultShopping.Com. Here we display thousands of high quality and high value products and services aimed at discerning adults, including - Sex Toys For Men, Sex Toys For Women, Bondage And Fetish Products, Adult DVDs, Online Adult Dating - and much more. These products and services earn us commissions ranging from 20% up to 50%, and the payments are received every month from the retailers and service providers we have partnered with.

We Want To Share Our Experience With You

DiscountAdultShopping.Com is now complete, and the time we need to devote to it has decreased. Therefore we now have spare time available to share our knowledge and experience with budding adult webmasters and webmistresses who want to work from home promoting - and earning regular monthly commission from - their own adult web site.

What We Will Do To Help You Earn Commission From Your Own Adult Web Site

We will design a unique web site for you, using one or more of the retailers we have partnered with, selling their adult products or adult services to visitors from all over the World. When a visitor to your web site clicks on a banner or product link, goes to the retailer’s web site and makes a purchase you will earn commission of at least 20%. All the commissions you earn each month will be gathered together and sent to you promptly. Although the web site we will design for you will be with one or more of the retailers we have already partnered with -

Your web site will be completely original and not like any part of DiscountAdultShopping.Com, so that there is no confusion between them.
You will have your own personal relationship with the retailer of your choice.
You will earn full commission on on every sale that is made to visitors from your web site.

We will provide every assistance to you during the complete process of creating your own moneymaking adult web site -

We will advise on which suppliers may be most suitable for your own particular interest.
We will advise on which web hosting service to use for your web site.
We will sign you up with the retailer of your choice - in your name so that all commissions go to you. (You will be given the relevant usernames and passwords, so that you can change them once the web designing process is complete.)
We will keep you informed at every stage of the design process for your own moneymaking web site.
We will welcome your advice and input with regard to your web site design and content.
When your own moneymaking web site is up and running we will submit it to the major search engines.
When your own moneymaking adult web site is up and running we will give advice on how to effectively promote your web site in other ways, so that you maximise your revenue and commission earning potential.

What You Will Have To Do To Earn Commission From Your Own Adult Web Site

The adult web site we design for you is yours - owned by you and ultimately the responsibility of you, so you will have to take the following steps to web site revenue earning success -

At the bottom of this page are links to the various sections of DiscountAdultShopping.Com. Click through the links and look at the individual retailer or product pages.
When you find a retailer or product that interests you click on any banner. This will take you to the retailer’s own web site.
Browse around the retailer’s web site to confirm that their products are of interest to you.
Find the link on the retailer’s web site that says “Associates” or “Affiliates” or “Webmasters”. Click through to be taken to their Affiliate Sign Up page.
The Affiliate Sign Up page will give details of who their Affiliate Marketing Network partner is and what commission percentage is offered.
Pay particular attention to the following - Does this retailer automatically approve affiliate applications or is your web site vetted first, and what are their terms and conditions with regard to promoting your own web site by means of key word bidding on Google and Yahoo. These terms are of particular importance and we will give advice on overcoming any obstacles that might arise.
Once you have chosen the retailer or products that suit you best e-mail us - using the link at the bottom of this page - and we will make sure you have made the right choice and help iron out any problems that need to be overcome before we progress with designing your web site.

Do not at this stage send money - we will not take a single penny from you until we are satisfied that we can successfully go ahead with the project.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Moneymaking Affiliate Web Site?

Some retailers or products only merit a few pages, while others might need more. Our costs, therefore, are very simple, and for your own security, and to allow you to spread out the cost, will be made via PayPal -

For an adult web site of up to 10 pages we will charge only £395 or $650 - because of the time involved at the planning stages this is the bare minimum we can charge.
For a web site of up to 15 pages - only £495, or $795.
For a web site of up to 20 pages - only £575, or $915.
If you do not already own your own web site a good hosting package will cost in the region of £60 or $90.

If You Already Have Your Own Adult Web Site Up And Running - No Problem!

If  you already have your own adult web site we can still help you to make more money every month.

One : You can add adult banners and or adult product links which are relevant to your own web site and which will help you make some extra monthly income. We will be happy to give you advice on doing so.

Two : You could add a special shopping section to your own web site, selling adult products or services which are especially relevant. Once again, we will be happy to offer advice. Or we could design this special shopping section for you, making it look as similar to your own web site as possible.

If you are a web mistress with a web site which promotes your own photos, videos or adult services, think how much credibility you would have with your own online shop, especially where the products are personally recommended!

Why Are We Doing This?

We will not give you any bullshit about wanting to share our wealth and knowledge with everyone else. We have completed DiscountAdultShopping.Com and have time on our hands and, of course, we want to make some more money -

By charging potential web entrepreneurs for designing an Associate partnered web site that could earn them good commission income, and
By the referral fees that we earn by introducing webmasters and web site owners to retailers.

Please Note - Although we will earn referral fees by connecting you with our own Affiliated adult product retailers and service providers this in no way affects the level or percentage of commission that you will earn. In fact, if you have a web site and you introduce new webmasters you will also earn your own referral commission!

How Much Do We Make From DiscountAdultShopping.Com?

We could make outrageous claims about huge online earnings allowing us to pay off our mortgages, buy luxury yachts, go on Mediterranean Cruises four times a year and drive fast sports cars but we won’t. If only that were true! The fact is we make a good income from commissions earned from our various partnerships, and the actual value is - not unreasonably - a private matter between us and the taxman.

How Much Could You Make From An Adult  Web Site Which Earns Money From From Associate Commissions?

The long term revenue earning potential of the web site you choose will depend on many factors, not least of which are -

The retailer and products you choose to promote,
The sales value of these products,
The percentage commission offered for each sale.

We could make exaggerated promises but we refuse to do so. Every business - whether it is online or in a High Street - requires time, effort, investment and a bit of luck to achieve financial success. Just because we take the time and trouble to design a unique revenue earning adult web site for you and submit it to the major search engines does not mean that you will start earning income right away. It takes time for search engines to visit, assess and list any web site, no matter how good it is and no matter how search engine friendly it is. As with any business, you only get out of it what you put in, and this will apply to the success - or failure - of your web site.

Once it is up and running you cannot afford to sit back and wait for the money to roll in. As the webmaster, you - and you alone - will have to take it to the next stage : Attracting high volumes of visitors who will be interested enough in the products featured that they will click on a banner or product link in order to make a purchase. To attract these visitors you will need to invest time, knowledge, and perhaps some money to promote and maximise the revenue earning potential of your web site, by -

Word of mouth among friends and colleagues,
Mentioning your web site on blogs, bulletin boards and newsgroups,
Conducting an e-mail campaign to highlight what you have on offer,
Paying for prominent placement in Google, Yahoo or Ask searches - known as keyword bidding. Keyword bidding can be a very cost effective way of bringing a web site to prominence when people do web searches, thus attracting more visitors and generating revenues. When we design a customised revenue earning web site for you we will give you full details of how to promote it cost effectively on Google, Yahoo and Askl.

So, if you are really serious about making commission income from a custom designed adult web site click on any of the DiscountAdultShopping.Com sections shown below and view the retailers we use ourselves to successfully earn extra money as Affiliates. If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate of any of these retailers and making extra money on your own web site all you have to do is find the “Affiliates” or “Webmasters” link for complete details of the deals offered. Read the retailer’s Terms And Conditions carefully - some give automatic approval while others may vet your web site first; some can be very strict about keyword bidding. Then contact us by e-mail and we will evaluate your requirements in detail and provide a quote for designing your own web site or online shop selling adult products or adult related services.
Adult Web Site Design Service : We Can Design Your Own High Quality Adult Web Site To Help You Make Ethical Monthly Income Online
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If you are a webmaster with an existing web site, or are just starting out, and would like more information on how to make money on the Internet selling goods from reputable suppliers and taking a share of the profits from every item sold - with all of your earnings remitted monthly  by genuine Associate Scheme Partners - e-mail me now and I will be more than happy to advise.
Just one thing - We get plenty of spam e-mails, so please put the following in your e-mail header : “INFORMATION REQUEST FOR ASSOCIATE SCHEME WEBMASTER EARNINGS OPPORTUNITIES”
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