There Are Plenty Of Unscrupulous Web Sites Offering Moneymaking And Work From Home Schemes For Adult Webmasters And Adult Web Site Owners - But Most Of Them Are Scams

There must be literally thousands of web sites offering adult webmasters ways to make easy money working from home for only a few hours every day. The temptation to sign up with one of these work from home moneymaking schemes must be huge, especially when the promoters claim - as they often do - to have been in debt, to be at their wits end, and desperate for money. Then they discovered a moneymaking secret which allowed them to pay off all their debts, buy a new house, buy a Ferrari, go on expensive holidays - and more. They now want to share this moneymaking secret with you - but for a price. They also usually offer unconditional 100% money back guarantees if you fail to make as much money as them. Here are just a few of the moneymaking scheme, work from home, easy income, enormous wealth sales pitches we have come across recently :

“You have probably heard these kinds of claims before, but have you ever seen any proof? No! Well, I have got proof from one of the worlds largest Internet companies in an email that states that my money making system has caused them tens of thousands of dollars worth of losses in just one month!”
“You can work whenever you'd like - morning, noon, night, even midnight if you'd like. It doesn't matter. Simply log in and select surveys to fill out, get paid for your time. Work for 30 minutes or three hours, it doesn't matter - you set your own hours!”
“If you have a few minutes to spare, then I will show you exactly how you can start banking anywhere between $10,000 to $25,000 every month within the next 6 months by using the Internet.”
“The best part is that you do not need any type of business experience for using this moneymaking concept successfully. It has just been 2 years since I was first told about this concept and look at how much I am earning right now.”
“Make easy money and build multiple income streams with easy money making ideas available on the net. Yes, you can make money online up to $10,000 plus every month with the right money making strategies used by money making experts.”

The problem is  - these so called moneymaking schemes are all scams. Think about it - is it really, genuinely possible to sit at home doing very little, just watching the money roll in? The answer is a resounding NO! If there really were easy ways to make money don’t you think we would all be doing it? If there really were easy ways to make money don’t you think we would all be rich?

Even on eBay there are literally hundreds of people offering ways to get rich quick - and for only a few dollars! Get real - Money does not grow on trees.  There are many different types of money making scams which appear to be genuine and imply how easy it is to make lots of money.

The Golden Rule Of Online Moneymaking - Money Making Schemes That Seem Too Good To Be True Usually Are And Should Be Avoided.

Get rich quick and bogus work from home schemes only work for the organiser, leaving other people - the gullible and vulnerable ones who paid good money to be let in on the secret - out of pocket.

All the work at home scammers are no better than ordinary conmen or flim flam merchants because they know how to exploit the potent psychological combination of greed and gullibility. They know that many people looking for an easy Internet income are mothers, the unemployed or people looking to quit their day jobs. A work at home moneymaking scam usually requires you to pay a start up fee to enrol in the moneymaking program, or buy an overpriced book which divulges the secrets of untold wealth.

The Internet has become a haven for online scammers. For example, Pay To Surf Programs, where you make easy money by simply using the Internet, have become a ubiquitous moneymaking scam. Becoming a Mystery Shopper is another. So is allegedly being pais to complete Online Surveys. The problem with all these of working from home schemes is that you must pay an upfront fee to find out what to do. This fee is never earned back, as it is impossible to achieve the opportunities promised. While some genuine web sites do pay for filling out surveys or answering an email, the reward is never more than two or three cents, which means it would take you years to make the initial fee back.

Other promises of untold wealth without real work always require a payment up front, and what you get back is something along the lines of :

A perfect sales letter that will bring you millions,
Exclusive information on how to exchange money on world currency markets,
Details on how to buy real estate even if you are bankrupt.

Although some of these moneymaking ideas may even be profitable if applied correctly, they all require experience, dedication, perseverance, lots of effort - and can take months before you even earn a single penny. Most people simply give up before they even have a chance of seeing results. Effortless? Easy? Only a few hours a week? Money rolling in almost instantly? Of course not.!

Many businesses do offer Internet based work - sometimes called teleworking, but reputable companies never charge an upfront fee before you can work for them. You can make money on web sites like eBay where you can sell your own products, with companies that pay for product testing, and from some marketing corporations that pay for regular opinion polls. Legitimate businesses will never charge you for the privilege of letting you work for them.

Have We Put You Off Or Do You Still Want To Make Money Online?

If you are seriously interested in making money online though an adult web site then don’t be put off by all the exaggerated scam offers of unlimited easy wealth that are available. If you are realistic and believe that money can only be made on the Internet - as with anywhere else - with a combination of skill, effort, knowledge, investment in real time and real money - and a bit of luck - then there are legitimate and ethical ways for owners of adult web sites to make some extra money. But these legitimate moneymaking schemes will not get you rich quick and they require more than dedicating only a short time every day. The most popular legitimate way for a webmaster or web site owner to add value to his web site and create an income stream is by what is known as Affiliate Marketing.

The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing For An Adult Webmaster

Put very simply, Affiliate Marketing works as follows -

You place a banner or a product link on your web site - or as many banners and product links as you like.
These banners and product links are from ethical online retailers or providers of services of special interest to the adult market.
When a visitor to your web site clicks on a banner or product link they are transferred to the web site of the retailer who created the banners and product links.
If your visitor then makes a purchase or takes out a subscription from the retailer’s web site you earn a commission, or a fixed percentage of the profits from that sale.
Every month you receive payment for all the commissions you have earned.

The adult retailer or service provider has already created all the coding for the banners and product links, and all you have to do is to place them on your own web site pages. There are thousands of retailers offering adult webmasters and web sites the opportunity to earn commission by becoming their affiliates. However, only a limited number will allow Affiliate Partnerships with adult web sites. If adult webmasters try and become affiliated with retailers who do not want to be associated with adult web sites, the application will be rejected immediately. Some retailers accept all applicants initially, then vet them at a later stage. In this case your initial acceptance will be rejected at a later date and all of your hard work in creating lings and generating traffic will have been wasted. Any commission you may have earned will probably also be forfeited.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing On Your Own Adult Web Site

We have already created a very large web site - DiscountAdultShopping.Com - which earns all of its income from Affiliate Marketing. DiscountAdultShopping.Com is Affiliated with a small number of high quality retailers of products and services aimed at discerning adults, inclufing - sex aids, fetish products, adult DVDs, adult dating, privacy software - and much more. The adult oriented retailers we are affiliated with are -

Adult Friend Finder - Online dating for liberated adults
Eden Fantasys - High quality sex aids and sex toys
Evidence Eliminator - Online privacy protection software
Hun Video Store - Adult DVDs at discount online prices
JT’s Stockroom - Bondage and fetish products
Lady Sonia - English MILF Masturbatrix photosets and videos
Screwbucks - Streaming adult videos of all types
Sybian Sex Machine - High quality sex machines for men and women.

At the bottom of this page you will see links to the various sections of DiscountAdultShopping.Com. Go through these sections and you will see the retailers and vast range of adult products and adult related services hat you can choose from. If you find a retailer that you are interested in look for a link on their web site for “Associates” or “Webmasters” or something similar. Click through for full details of their associate scheme - who is eligible, what commission percentage they pay out, and so on.

Why Are We Doing This?

A very good question - We are doing it to make more money! For every web site that signs up with an adult retailer or adult service provider through us we will earn a small percentage of every sale they make. However, this percentage is much less than the percentage you will make and it in no way affects the commission percentage you will earn. Full details will be found on the Affiliate Information pages for each individual adult retailer.

And another thing - The good thing about all this is if at some time in the future another webmaster or web site owner signs up with the retailer through your web site you will get a small commission from every sale they make.
Affiliate Marketing And Money-Making Scams : Avoid The Bogus Get Rich Quick And Easy Money Work From Home Schemes Aimed At Adult Webmasters
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If you are a webmaster with an existing web site, or are just starting out, and would like more information on how to make money on the Internet selling goods from reputable suppliers and taking a share of the profits from every item sold - with all of your earnings remitted monthly  by genuine Associate Scheme Partners - e-mail me now and I will be more than happy to advise.
Just one thing - We get plenty of spam e-mails, so please put the following in your e-mail header : “INFORMATION REQUEST FOR ASSOCIATE SCHEME WEBMASTER EARNINGS OPPORTUNITIES”
See For Yourself The Possibilities For Making Extra Money From Your Web Site By Exploring The Retailers And Products Promoted On DiscountAdultShopping.Com.
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